May 24-26, 2008 Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service. There are many stories as to its actual beginnings, and there is evidence that organized women's groups in the South were decorating graves before the end of the Civil War.

The first official Memorial Day was commemorated in 1868 when flowers were placed on the graves by over 5,000 volunteers at Arlington National Cemetery. This Memorial Day, we ask you to take time to remember and honor those who gave their lives, take time to reflect upon the sacrifices they and their families made in our name.

Last year, Cindy Sheehan left the Democratic Party on Memorial Day stating that "I do not have any hope in them... but I have a lot of hope in the American people".
Cynthia McKinney said in her speech, Dreaming of a True Memorial Day, "We, the American people, have been lied to. Our young men and women are dying in a far-off land; those of us who dissent are spied upon by an Administration that violates the Constitution. Our economy has been wrecked by massive theft occurring in the guise of war and disaster profiteering. Our tax money has been used to fly people to places around the world so they can be tortured-whether they're guilty of anything or not. And innocent people all over the planet die as a result of policies carried out in our name that include subversion, sabotage, terrorism, torture, death squads, and drug trafficking. " []

Even John Edwards, in his 2007 Memorial Day Video challenged us:
This Memorial Day Weekend,
Don't stand quietly,
Don't just go to picnics,
Don't just gather with your friends.
Engage in an act of Patriotism,
Show how much you love this country
and speak out in support of our troops and bring an end to this war.

This Memorial Day Weekend, a national call has been heard to not just decorate the tombs of the fallen but to decorate the highways of America! All across the country, CODEPINK and impeachment groups will hang banners calling for impeachment on highway overpasses during the Memorial Day weekend of May 24 through May 26.
In the Bay Area, CODEPINK and an alliance of impeachment groups will join forces to banner on Memorial Day in San Francisco, Berkeley, San Jose, Palo Alto. With thousands of motorists on the highways for this long weekend, it's a perfect time to get the message across with freeway blogging.

Freeway Blogger Video: Bright sun shiny day IMPEACH

Here's some great videos of the freeway blogger [] if you need some inspiration! 300,000 cars go by every 24 hours in one location of this video, how many cars go by your closest freeway? Prepare and Get your banners ready! The Revolution Starts Now.

Honor our Veterans/No More WAR
Honor our Veterans/IMPEACH the War Criminals
Honor our Veterans/IMPEACH NOW!
No more Memorial Days!

HOW TO for Highway Signs
1. Find cardboard (any old box will do).
2. Cut it to the size you want.
3. Paint it white (cheap gallon of white paint - $4-$8)
4. Paint your message in large black letters (at least 9 inches tall to read from freeway). I use an overhead projector to make it look professional - no need to do this.
5. Attach to visible overpasses, telephone/electrical poles, guardrails, parking garages - BE CREATIVE... but remember safety first always!!
6. REPEAT!! And don't forget to take lots of photos!

From Beachblogger
Some highway bloggers prefer to make a permanent banner and hold it instead of attaching and leaving the scene. Here's a how to make a fabric banner but remember to sew sand into the bottom if it's going to be windy. There are also some good tips here if the police arrive: <>

  • Be respectful, but unafraid. We pay the police to protect us. We are patriotic Americans giving up our free time to defend the Constitution, which is under attack by this band of corporate thugs who have been stealing our money to pay for their wars for profit, causing us to be hated around the world, and putting us in danger of further terrorist attack at home.
  • If the police order you to remove the attachments you must do so. The law says you are allowed to hold the banner with your hands.
  • If they decide your banner is a traffic hazard, you will have to remove it.
  • Try to negotiate, citing the huge billboard ads and use of cell phones by drivers. Ask if it would be ok to stay a few minutes longer... just ten or fifteen minutes, and then do as they say. This way you maintain good rapport and they might even look the other way the next time they see you.


  • Is it Legal? NO & YES!
  • Think carefully about your words, movement, body language, and emotions.
  • Don't get into an argument with the police.
  • Remember, anything you say or do can be used against you.
  • Keep your hands where the police can see them.
  • Don't run. Don't touch any police officer.
  • Don't resist even if you believe you are innocent.
  • Don't complain on the scene or tell the police they're wrong or that you're going to file a complaint.
  • Do not make any statements regarding the incident.
  • Ask for a lawyer immediately upon your arrest.
  • Remember officers' badge and patrol car numbers.
  • Write down everything you remember ASAP.
  • Try to find witnesses and their names and phone numbers.
  • If you are injured, take photographs of the injuries as soon as possible, but make sure you seek medical attention first.
  • If you feel your rights have been violated, file a written complaint with police department's internal affairs division or civilian complaint board.

OTHER Memorial Day IDEAS

  • Impeachment Barbecue! Serve Cheney & Bush Shiskabobs with M-Peach-Mint Pie.
  • March in your local Memorial Day parade.
  • Decorate your local Memorials for Veterans and hold a silent vigil at 3pm on Monday.
  • Honor the women who have died in Iraq serving our country
    For those who want to read the names, see List of Casualties by STATE:
  • Have a Teach In for IMPEACHMENT
  • Collect signatures for IMPEACHMENT
  • FLY your US flag upside down as a sign that our country in is distress


Charges and Evidence: Impeachment of George W. Bush from

  • 1. Illegal War
  • 2. Illegal Spying *Update - Recently Found Guilty by District Court
  • 3. Geneva Convention Violations *Update -Found Guilty by the Federal Supreme Court
  • 4. Illegal Detention *Update - Found Guilty by District Court
  • 5. Illegal Release of Classified Information
  • 6. Illegal Freezing of accounts and restriction to freedom of assembly *Update - Found Guilty by District Court
  • 7. Illegal use of signing statements

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