Bush Iran Mobile touring thru Florida!

Keep an eye out for it!
Tuesday, April 8, 2008, 6:30 PM
Iraq Veterans Against the War UF Winter Soldier Forum
Presbyterian Disciples of Christ Church
1402 West University, Gainesville, adjacent to UF

Iran Mobile in Lake Worth, FL Sunday, April 4, 2008

We had a great last minute HiGH NOON missile sighting on Lake Worth Beach today! Three of us diehard Pinks plus a couple of women from Lake Worth Dem Club and Beverley's sister and aunt joined us spur of the moment after she called them at ten to twelve!
Beautiful sunny day and we got quite a few signers on their way to the beach and lots of attention. ~ Hillary [Not Clinton]

By the way, anybody got a smoke machine? Aaron has burned out two of them.

In St. Augustine Friday, April 4, 2008

Iran Mobile Launches Bush Bomb to Stop Attack on Iran

If you get the chance to see this, you will love it! I helped to stop traffic so it could park in front of Bus Boys & Poets in DC on Sunday March 16 during the CODEPINK party and boy did it draw a crowd! We got lots of signatures and some good street discussion.
Aaron still has some available time slots open if you want him to show up at your action so email him your requests. He's soon heading northwest to Tampa, over to Orlando, north to Gainesville and then to Tallahassee. Email Aaron: aaron@truemajority.org or 917-273-0406 Keep checking http://www.codepinkalert.org/florida for the latest updates for the rest of the Bush Iran Mobile Florida tour.
video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKBlz_6Y-U4

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